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Zucchini Posto - Zucchini stir-fry with Poppy seed paste

The first time I made Zucchini Posto, I polished off a sacrilegious amount of steamed white rice - a staple of any good Bengali's meal. Now, I have been touted for not being a 'good' Bengali many a times because of my food choices. I am no fan of the quintessential Bengali mishti - rosogolla nor am I a big fan of fish. Steamed white rice or saada bhaat which is a staple of a typical Bengali meal, ranked very low on my food radar. But I will shamelessly polish off platefuls of rice, that I am not very fond of, in the company of poppy seeds and mustard. You see, I am a sucker for anything made with posto baata (poppy seeds paste) or sorshe baata (mustard seed paste). And sometimes, I get intense cravings for Bhaat, Daal, Jhinge Posto, Sorshe Maachh (Rice, Lentil, Ridge Gourd with Poppy Seeds, Fish in Mustard Sauce. Sometimes for Laal Shaak Bhaaja and Piyajkoli'r torkaari. I will share those recipes soon. So when Femina Bangla approached me for a write-up on how I

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