Sweet Mango Relish - Mango Ginger Chutney with a hint of Red Chili

The family on my husband's side is huge.. and they visit often. And whenever they do they bring something. Mostly it is 'Mishti' (Bengali Sweets) but this time the season's favorite gift has been mango. We have had a never-ending supply of mango for the last 3 weeks! Usually we all love eating it the old-fashioned way - just the fruit cut into small chunks - after lunch. Some nights it will get added to custard. But there were still a lot left. So I thought of making some 'Chutney' with the mangoes. Chutney is a very popular Indian condiment which can be sweet or sour and can be eaten with rice or roti.
For this recipe I chose ripe mangoes. I wanted the sweetness to come from the fruit itself. The dried chili peppers added a hint of heat to it and the ginger made it fragrant.
What I needed:
  • 6 medium ripe mangoes - grated to yield about 3 cups of pulp
  • Grated Ginger - 4tsp
  • Mustard Oil - 3tbs
  • Dry Red Chili Peppers - 2-3 depending on how hot you want it
  • Sugar (Optional) - only if you want it more sweet
  • Handful of raisins

How I made it:

I heated the mustard oil in a pan and tempered it with the dry red chili peppers and grated ginger.Then added the mango pulp and kept stirring continuously till it changed color. At this point you can do a taste test and add sugar to it if you want to. I threw in the raisins kept on stirring till the watery pulp started becoming sticky. Take it off the heat and once it cools down serve as an condiment or a dipping sauce. At my home we ate it with rice & with roti! :)

"A recipe rich in of beta carotene.. very good for the eye sight" - Dr Ranjini Datta, HOD, Dietetics, KPC Medical College.


Unknown said…
A recipe rich in of beta carotene.. very good for the eye sight
Wow... This is a good recipe... I can already visualize this relish as a marinade and blasting sauce on pork chops. I've a barbecue party coming up. Will use it there.
Cocoawind said…
and as a dipping sauce too! Thank you!
Unknown said…
Yummy mango recipe.

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